Independent Insurance Broker for Langport and the Levels

I recently attended a fantastic event at Kitchen inside Great Bow Wharf. An independent councillor from Frome told us all about how she and her colleagues had transformed that town. It all sounded fantastic and I am certain that a number of people went away fired with enthusiasm about how that could be translated into action in the capital of the levels. I know I did!

As usual, I took the opportunity to pick up a copy of the fantastic Langport Leveller and sat down to read it once I was back home.

It wasn’t too long before I spotted that Higos – the Somerton headquartered firm bought out last year by private equity backed GRP – had closed the Langport office.

Decisions like this – to close what appears to be an apparently successful office – are the sorts of decisions that are often made by these consolidators and it is a perfect example of why I established this firm back in 2013. The big firms might want to sweat their new asset by minimising the operating costs, but where does that leave the loyal customer who still wants to deal with a personable local insurance broker?

Well, there is always us. I’ll concede that we’re not based in the town but, if you’re reading this because you require insurance for your business or you’re a property owner, rest assured that we can help.

We already have a number of clients in Langport and on the Levels from Willow Growers to a charity to Marine navigation software providers. We can do the lot!

We may not have a physical office in the town for you to pop in and see us, but we are regular visitors – invariably grabbing something tasty from Kitchen as I pass! – and I am always happy to pop into Langport for a chat over a coffee to see how I can help you.

We exist to plug the gap left behind by all the buying and selling going on in insurance right now. Our offering is quality advice and individual service. Please do get in touch to see how we can help you.

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