The benefits of working with an insurance broker

In recent years it has become possible to buy certain business insurances from insurers directly. Insurers are able to cut their costs this way and they can often pass on savings as a result. But at what cost to the customer?

I recently spoke with a man who was impressed with the price he’d been quoted by an insurer but wasn’t entirely sure about some advice they had given him.

You see, this insurer automatically provides a machinery breakdown section and the call centre operative pointed out that our chap could save further money by cancelling the maintenance agreements he had on his machines.

Fortunately he spoke to me. I was able to point out straight away that the section in question is worded in such a way that it would only provide cover if there was a maintenance agreement in place. So cancelling any maintenance agreement would actually result in the cover being worthless.

This was terrible advice from the insurer’s employee. Imagine the financial consequences if our chap had relied upon this advice and then found that he had no cover when he came to claim.

Whilst it is obvious that premium savings can be made by going direct, a good qualified broker is worth his or her weight in gold. They will provide advice for free and know exactly where you can and cannot save money. He or she will get to know your business and will work with you to identify where cover is and isn’t required. In addition, if the insurer provides the wrong answer come claim time, the broker will act for the client to ensure it becomes the right answer.

So, if you’re shopping around at insurance renewal time, do make sure you try an insurance broker.

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