Estate & Lettings Agent Insurance in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and beyond!

It’s a little-known fact – mainly because up until now I’ve tried not to publicise it(!) – that my first proper job was as a Sales Negotiator for one of the Worcestershire offices of a national Estate Agency chain.

I was only there a year but I did manage to meet my wife there (she’s still in the industry) and I generally had a great time screaming around in my 80s hot-hatch showing people houses in my sharp suit. How about that for a walking cliché?!

So, what’s that got to do with Estate & Lettings Agent insurance? Well, after that stint, I quite quickly fell into insurance broking. Add over a decade of insurance experience to my knowledge of things like hot-boxing and sales-chasing and I reckon I’ve got a killer skill-set when it comes to arranging insurance for the residential sales and lettings industry.

This was proved recently when I arranged some Professional Indemnity cover for a local Lettings Agent. I amazed myself with how competitively priced it was and she was also pleased with the advice I gave her in respect of Client Money protection.

So if you would like to speak with an insurance broker who knows what he’s talking about on both sides of the fence then drop me a line.

The benefits of working with an insurance broker