Salon Insurance

In a previous post I wrote about the importance of the Treatment extension on a Hairdresser or Beauty Therapist policy.

I was reminded of this when I arranged some cover for another salon recently. Not because the Treatment Risk wasn’t on offer from the various insurers. No, I was reminded of its importance when I dug deeper into the detail – as all good insurance brokers do – and discovered some anomalies between the various options.

Many salons are covered on Shop package policies and brokers generate quotes online. The best priced quote I had was with an insurer who appeared to cover every treatment this salon offered and more. Except I couldn’t see any mention of Spray Tanning.

It’s at times like this that an experienced broker has a decision to make. I could assume that, as cover was provided for plenty of other treatments, many of which I would consider present more of a risk than Spray Tanning, that it was likely Spray Tanning was covered but the insurer had just not specifically listed it.

Thankfully, I chose the alternative option to be on the safe side – phone the insurer and check. After all, my new client’s cover was going to be worthless if one of their customers had an adverse reaction to a Spray Tan and the insurers wouldn’t pay out.

I’m glad I checked. They hadn’t forgotten to include it. They had left it out on purpose as they don’t cover Spray Tanning.

Not a problem though. I’m a broker, I obtain a number of quotes before I report back to a client, and I had more up my sleeve.

So I spoke to the next insurer. Their Treatment cover wording is really quite wide and, whilst they go on to list some specific treatments such as Dyeing, Tinting, Eyebrow plucking etc. and they also specifically exclude some things, this quote was actually looking like a good bet.

But I still called them. How are you on Spray Tanning? ‘Oh yes, that’s fine.’ Great stuff. I can’t see Massage on this list though? ‘Oh no, we don’t cover that.’


There is a good ending. I placed this client’s cover with an underwriter who offers a specialist product for this sector. I’ve used them before and, after this experience, I’m unlikely to recommend anyone other than them going forward. My client has ended up paying slightly more than they did last year but we can both take comfort that everything they do is covered.

It’s easy to buy Salon insurance direct from the insurer and assume that the Treatment Risk extension covers you. It’s just as easy for a broker to do the same. In order to make sure you are covered correctly, I ask you about all the treatments you provide, how many years experience everybody has and plenty more. I then check that all of these things are actually covered. That way we can be sure that the policy is actually worth more than just a piece of paper.

If you would like to be sure you really are correctly covered for everything you do, call me on 01823 230249.