It’s that time of year – hot holiday time!

I know we’ve been enjoying some glorious weather here in the UK – and what better place to enjoy it than down here in the South West?! – but there’s no substitute for getting on a plane and feeling the warm sand between your toes, bathing in glorious blue water, drinking Sangria . . .

But I can bring you back down to earth swiftly. Whilst you may have sorted your currency, stocked up on sun cream and bought some new flip-flops already, have you also remembered to arrange travel insurance?

A family of 4 – that’s 2 adults and 2 children – could cover themselves for a fortnight’s trip to anywhere in Europe for less than £50.

That’s cover that provides up to £3,000 in the event of having to cancel the holiday, £100 if departure is delayed, £250 if you miss the departure yourself – have you seen the amount of holidaymakers on the M5 lately?! – as well as cover for Kennel and Cattery fees.

Most importantly, there’s plenty of cover for Money and Personal belongings – £200 and £1,500 respectively – as well as things like Travel documents.

There’s also the opportunity to increase those limits for not much more and, if you get away more than once a year, Annual cover is only just over £100.

We can also provide you with a quote if you’re going further afield or, if you’re really ‘on-trend’, having a ‘Staycation’!

How do I know all of this? Well, first of all, I’m an insurance expert. But, actually, I know all this because the Townleys are that family – we’re off on holiday soon and we can’t wait!

Best of all, we know we’re going abroad fully covered. If you’d like to feel that way too, then call us on 01823 230249.

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