Professional indemnity insurance covers the cost of compensating clients for loss or damage resulting from negligent services or advice provided by a business or an individual.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

You will need Professional Indemnity Insurance if you:

• Provide advice to your clients
• Handle data belonging to a client or business
• Are responsible for a clients intellectual property
• Provide a specialised service and could be challenged on your work 

You may feel confident in the quality of your work, but any small business is open to a claim of negligence when professional advice or services fail to meet a client’s expectations and cause monetary loss.

At the very least, consider the legal fees you could rack up defending a claim of negligence even if it proves to be unfounded. Professional Indemnity will pick this cost up for you.

Adam is a Law graduate and Chartered Insurance Broker and can advise you on your Professional Indemnity Insurance whether you are self-employed or a large business. You can be confident in the knowledge that we will have the right cover in your place for you.

We clients that choose to buy Professional Indemnity Insurance to protect themselves against claims and these include:

• Advertising agencies
• Public relations agencies
• Engineers
• Business and Management Consultants
• IT firms
• Software houses
• Accountants
• Mortgage Brokers
• Website Designers
• Plumbing & Heating Contractors
• Electrical Contractors

• Renewable Energy Contractors
• Online publishers
• Social Media Consultants
• Estate Agents
• Lettings Agents
• Graphic Designers
• Charities
• Business support
• Health & Safety
• Training


“Dexterous Designs use Townley Insurance for all of our business policies, and I also deal with them personally. Townley are professional and always deal with any questions quickly and thoroughly – and they save me money!! Why would I want to go anywhere else!! They provide an outstanding service and obviously strive to get their customers the best prices. Highly recommended!”
Marc Eggleton – Dexterous Designs

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Some professions are required to have professional indemnity insurance by their professional bodies or regulators – these include:

• Solicitors
• Accountants
• Architects
• Chartered Surveyors
• Financial Advisors 

Conditions of your cover

Professional indemnity cover is usually offered on a claims-made basis. This means that your insurer will only cover you for claims that are brought against you during the term of your policy. If a claim is made against you after your policy has expired – even if the incident occurred while your policy was in place – you will not be covered for that claim.

This is why having the correct Retroactive date is crucial!

If you cancel your professional indemnity insurance, for example if you are retiring or changing professions, you should consider purchasing a run-off policy. This covers you for any new claims that are brought against you after your professional indemnity insurance has expired. New claims can be brought against you for up to six years after an alleged negligent act occurred, so your run-off policy should cover you for this period.

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